The Startup Master List of Resources (1,000+ resources)

Business, Marketing, Strategy Tools

Mailchimp - Email Marketing Free

LaunchRock - Setup a “Launching Soon” page in minutes.

KISSinsights - Survey visitors while they are on your website.

Exchange, sell, or trade your spare domain names here.

Kickfolio - The simplest way to market your apps.

I've spent the past 6 years developing a CMS in my free time

Mailrox | A web application to quickly build bulletproof HTML emails.

Google, Microsoft, Facebook And Others Launch Web Platform Docs, A Web Standards Documentation Site - TechCrunch

The Toolbox: a directory of the best time-saving apps and tools

ZURB Releases New Responsive Email Templates

Bootstrapped Startup Saves Over $100K By Dropping IE

First Beta Release of Mozilla Persona

DocHub | Instant Documentation Search

Version 1.0 of Bolt, our "Sophisticated, lightweight & simple CMS", has been released.

Google Releases a Tool to Disavow Bad Links

Number Porn -- Animated Factorisation Diagrams

Great Compilation of SEO Resources

The Death of SEO: The Rise of Social, PR, and Real Content, can I say it was f#%$&*^% time?

Terms of Service; Didn't Read, a project.

15 Must-Know Facts on How People View Websites | DreamGrow Social Media

Why multi-armed bandit algorithm is not "better" than A/B testing

Running A Blog: 0 to 20,000 visitors/month - what I did wrong and right on the journey.

Python/Django Tools

Python Syntax | Codecademy

Scrapy is a high-level screen scraping and web crawling framework, used to crawl websites and extract structured data from their pages.

sashka/flask-googleauth - GitHub

The sorry state of Python AOuth providers

Developers @ Shift

facebewk | SredzkistraBe

Quickstart -- URLObject 2.3.4 documentation

Curlish -- Curlish 1.11 documentation

PyCounters - instrumenting production code - Pycounters 0.5 documentation

Escaping The Walled Garden of Enterprise Analytics: Using R and Pythong for data Analysis

Welcome to Kivy - Kivy 1.5.2-dev documentation

jabbalaci/Jabba-Webkit - GitHub

litl/rauth - GitHub

( f o o b a r . l u ) >> Blog Archive >> A comprehensive guide through Pythong packages

web2py Web Framework

What's new in Celery 3.0 (Chiastic Slide) -- Celery 3.0.15 documentation

Better Python APIs | Eventual Consistency

A great blog covering various interesting aspects of / things you can do with Python matplotlib (amongst other Python-related things)

nryoung/algorithms - GitHub

PyPDF2 updates PyPdf: PyPDF2 is an open source Python-based PDF toolkit with years of commercial use, now first made public

A Python Framework for a New Mobile Era

Python Development Anti-Patterns -- Hynek Schlawack

Python built-in functions are awesome. Use them! - *

kennethreitz/ - GitHub

A gallery of interesting IPython Notebooks - ipython/ipython Wiki - GitHub

Favorite tools in your Python toolbox?

davidhalter/jedi - GitHub

Welcome to simpleai's documentation! -- simpleai 0.5 documentation


Python quick Cheat Sheet.

EncosiaCripple the Google CDN's caching with a single character >> Encosia

sh 1.08 - sh 1.08 documentation

Stop Validating Email Addresses With Your Complex Regex -

Why aren't programs written in Assembly more often? - Stack Overflow

Crunch: the LESS editor and compiler that almost makes it too easy

AA new layout library, called Packery, from the maker of Masonry and Isotype looks promising

Every now and then, I discover a really cool service which doesn't seem to be getting enough attention

Web Design

CSS Piffle - No more photo editing software for web design.

Colour Lovers - Pallette's/Pattern's

Darkstrap: A dark theme for Twitter Bootstrap.

Designer Toolbox: 30 Open Source CSS Resources

daylerees/colour-schemes · GitHub

The 30 CSS Selectors you Must Memorize | Nettuts+

CSS Filters

Adobe Introduces Edge Web Fonts

CSS3 Gradient Buttons The Right Way

What are some sites you consider "perfect"? Just all-around spot on in terms of graphics/UI/ux/content/typography/etc. Inspiritas - a free Bootstrap theme

CSS 3D Clouds

More CSS

Bootswatch: Free themes for Twitter Bootstrap

Animated 3D Bar Chart with CSS3 | Codrops

Dave Olverson

Instagrille - Instagram on your PC

Maciej Pankiewicz Blog


Font Awesome, the iconic font designed for use with Twitter Bootstrap

Accordion with CSS3

Really easy way to compile images and generate CSS for sprites

1000+ font icons to remove hours of boring photoshop fiddling

24 ways: How to Make Your Site Look Half-Decent in Half an Hour

SpritePad create CSS sprites in browser

Death to pagination

CSS Style Guides:

Premade CSS Code:

Premade CSS Code - CSS Box Shadow

CSS Generators:

Cross Browser CSS Tools - Prefixr

Cross Browser CSS Tools - CSS Prefixer

Cleanup CSS - Procssor

Clean up CSS - Clean CSS

Social buttons in CSS to use:

CSS3 Button Tool

/r_webdesign/, what's YOUR default toolkit for fresh projects include?

Makisu - CSC 3D dropdown concept

all patterns from available on github

A New Batch of Resources and Tools for Web Designers

Everything You Never Knew About CSS Floats

The Top 5 Website UX Trends of 2012

8 Best Resources for Interface Icons

Goodbye -999px: A New CSS Image Replacement Technique

20 lines of code that will beat A/B testing every time

Site44: turn Dropbox folders into websites (freemium static hosting, great for sharing designs)

3D Thumbnail Hover Effects - Adding some perspective with CSS3 and jQuery (best viewed in WebKit)

Font Awesome 3.0 Released (30 new icons, all icons now optimized for 14px)

A Beginner's Guide to Designing HTML Emails

Font Awesome. 150+ web icons as a boostrap-compatible font. Scale, color, shadow, etc... entirely in CSS

Single Element Pure CSS3 "Double Fold" Ribbon

9 Free tools to amp up your designs and make your life easier

Google's Digital Creativity Guidebook

How to make text look amazing, just by tweaking font sizes and spacing

Chrome inspector adds rulers to make designing easier. What do you think?

This is one of the sexiest CSS3 dashboard I've ever seen.

15 Fantastic Web Fonts for Body Text

Cheatsheets 2.0

Sprite-based CSS & jQuery Handwriting

The Tilde is an Amazing CSS Selector

CSS3 Button Page

CSS Arrows, Please.

Crafting Minimal Circular 3D Buttons with CSS

Did you know trianges in CSS is that simple ?,html,live

BootSwatchr - A tool for visually creating customized Bootstrap CSS

Responsive typography. (You'll need a webcam for this)

Web Development

Divshot - The interface builder for web apps. Rapid HTML5 prototyping.

FlyWithMonkey - Tools for HTML5 app developers.

BrowserStack - Test Websites on different os and browser setups, in your browser.

Snippets – Don’t reinvent your code. Code snippets manager.

In browser video/voice communication

Beginner HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, Backbone, and CSS3 Resources

How Github increased their diff page's rendering speed by 37% by optimizing their CSS and HTML

Cross-browser testing simplified | Testing made easier in Internet Explorer | modern.IE

Clever use of old HTML tables in GameStop ad - Why not make your URLs responsive?

One div - The single element HTML/CSS icon database

Code School - Try Git

The Big Badass List of Twitter Bootstrap Resources

Fake images please

Select2 3.3.1

Learn CSS Layout

The top 20 online coding tools | .net magazine

The best PNG optimizer I've found...

Beautiful Interactive HTML5 Canvas based on Particle Effects (X-Post from r/wallpaper)

Brackets: Open Source Code Editor for the Web built with JavaScript, HTML and CSS - An open global postal code API (60+ countries supported!)

Sublime Text 2 is out of beta !

More Tech Tips!: 24 Most Popular jQuery Plugins of February 2012

Google HTML/CSS Style Guide

jQuery.Shapeshift Demo

Jetstrap - The Bootstrap Interface Builder

What’s the Deal With Display: Inline-Block? | Design Shack

5 Useful CSS Tricks for Responsive Design

Automate Your Development Environment With Vagrant

45 New jQuery Plugins for Web Developers | Splashnology

An HTML5 slide show that doesn't suck: reveal.js | GitHub


DeLorean Ipsum


9 uses for cURL worth knowing | httpkit | Tools for hacking on HTTP

The kickstarter for Light Table, the interesting IDE concept, is up

Moment.js - Parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates in javascript.

Introducing the New HTML5