Podcasts have become one of the most popular content mediums, and it’s difficult to say why. The number of active podcasts on iTunes has skyrocketed from just 10,000 in 2008 to over 250,000 today, with more than a billion worldwide subscribers. Does their popularity stem from the fact that you can listen to them on the go?

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Is it the sheer quality of content that’s available? Or, do people just want an alternative to video and written content?

Whatever these listeners' motivation is, podcasts should be a part of your daily content consumption, too. They’re frequently hosted by major authorities and offer some super-practical tips on everything from starting a business to growing a social media campaign. If you’re in the marketing space, as I am, I highly recommend listening to these eight awesome podcasts on a regular basis:

1. Copyblogger FM

Copyblogger FM is a podcast currently hosted by Sonia Simone (it was formerly hosted by Demian Farnworth and Jerod Morris). Previously known as The Lede, Copyblogger FM is dedicated to exploring new trends and topics specifically related to copywriting and content marketing. Each week, Sonia Simone hosts a new expert (or experts) in the marketing game and explores some new topic or idea.

2. #AskGaryVee

#AskGaryVee is a podcast hosted by, you guessed it, Gary V. (Gary Vaynerchuk). The show covers a wide range of topics of interest to marketers and entrepreneurs, but where the show truly shines is its expertise in social media marketing. Typically, the show releases two new episodes a week, and prioritizes collecting and answering user questions. So, if you have a question to submit, you’ll likely hear it featured in the next episode. Because these episodes are filmed, with the sound extracted, videos are available, as well.

3. ConversionCast

ConversionCast is a podcast started by Lead Pages, which you may recognize as an authority in the lead-generation and conversion-optimization niche. Accordingly, you’ll probably be able to guess what its main topic of interest is: conversion optimization. In each episode, you’ll find a solid case study of a marketer or entrepreneur who used a new tactic to improve conversion rates or lead flow. It’s a good source of inspiration if you need help in this area (or just want to squeeze more money out of your campaign). Plus, the episodes are super short -- usually around 15 minutes -- so it’s definitely worth a listen.

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4. Marketing Over Coffee

Marketing Over Coffee is a podcast hosted by marketers John Wall and Christopher Penn that’s been running since 2007. Published weekly, these podcasts focus on what’s new in the marketing world, rather than delving into specific subjects. Because the episodes are relatively short (less than half an hour most of the time), they’re perfect for when you just want a quick update.

5. StartUp

Created and hosted by podcast media company Gimlet Media, StartUp is a podcast that closely follows CEO Alex Blumberg and his efforts to build his company, Gimlet Media, from the ground up. This choice is a unique item on this list, because most startup perspectives look at companies only after they’ve already taken off or generated momentum; here, you get a play-by-play of a company that isn’t guaranteed to succeed. The podcast borders on being a reality show at times, but there are a ton of valuable lessons here about marketing and entrepreneurship.

6. The Fizzle Show

The Fizzle Show is a podcast created by Fizzle.co and is hosted by three guys -- Chase, Corbett, and Barrett. It’s much funnier than some of the other entries on this list. If you like a little entertainment with your information, this is the marketing podcast for you. The thing is, this isn’t strictly about marketing; instead, it’s targeted toward entrepreneurs. However, a main theme of many episodes is the importance of understanding your audience (which marketers can certainly appreciate).

7. Growth Byte

Growth Byte is a podcast project by Growth Hacker TV, and offers new content on a weekly basis. I’ve had some super-short podcasts on this list already, but none are as short as Growth Byte. Each episode is a short, two-to-three-minute summary of a piece of “growth”-oriented content on the web. It’s perfect if you’re in a rush, or you just want the high-level bullet points on a given topic.

8. Louder Than Words

Louder Than Words is hosted by John Bonini, and focuses on creative inspiration and other creative topics. Bonini sits down with a different guest each week for an interview; guests range from designers to entrepreneurs to writers, but all have found some kind of success in the creative realm. Topics of discussion usually center on what made the individual successful, and what marketers can learn from that person's experience. Usually released weekly, this podcast hasn’t been updated since August -- but there’s plenty of material to dig through.

If you don’t feel like listening to these podcasts, or you can’t find anything that suits your needs, consider starting one of your own! Podcasts are a great complement to your blogging strategy and have the potential to win the loyalty of thousands of subscribers.

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Jayson DeMers

Jayson DeMers is founder and CEO of AudienceBloom, a Seattle-based SEO agency. He's the author of the ebook, “The Definitive Guide to Marketing Your Business Online.”